The Little Mermaid - Hotshots Range (PC)

Dive into an ocean of activities swimming with fun! Create, learn and play in a living world filled with games, activities and plenty of suprises. Explore an amazing story and build skills in reading, writing and problem solving.


  • Design your own Ocean: Invite more than 30 different types of sea life into your own ocean grotto. Watch them grow and interact. Take their pictures with an underwater camera and print out photo-realistic Fun Fish Fact Cards
  • Story Time: Choose from different backgrounds, characters and props. Then type in your own words to create an endless variety of story book pages that you can customise, colour and print.
  • Hours of Fun! Dig for buried treasure, turn a broken statue into a jigsaw puzzle, and sing along to songs as you read and explore the story of the Little Mermaid!
  • Sweet Music: Play your own melodies. Select an instrument, mix your sounds, then record your compositions with an orchestra of undersea creatures and a choir of singing fish.
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