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The Future Of PlayStation - Sony Announce PlayStation 4 Live At

SONY Announcement

02.05 21/02/2013

Preorder your PS4 at GAME now!

We may not know what the box looks like, but we do know quite a bit now about what's going to be inside the new PlayStation 4 when it hits our stores and living rooms this winter.


The most important, and recurring theme in the presentation was that this system has been built in collaboration with the developer community. What does that mean? Happy developers, which will likely manifest to you and I in the form of lots of great games and creativity. The internal architecture of the console is built around familiar PC hardware, but on steroids... giving developers an environment they feel comfortable working in but with heaps of power to burn.

The new PlayStation will be more connected to the rest of your life. The playstation app lets you transform your smartphone into an additional screen for things like checking maps, communicating with friends etc... and PlayStation Vita owners will be in for a real treat as all PS4 games will be playable on the PS4 graphic power and performance but via the convient portable that is the PS Vita.

Ustream functionality is built in to the PlayStation 4 allowing players to stream their games to their friends and discuss problems and achievements using the share button on the new Dual Shock 4.

With Gaikai technology built in, the PS4 allows you to stream sections of any game so that you can try before you buy for free from the PlayStation store. Oh and thanks to a dedicated chip, you will be able to download and update games in the background whilst playing... and even start downloading a game and play THAT game whilst it continues to download!

PlayStation 4 players will be able to immediately jump in and out of their games without saving loading and waiting, due to the new 'suspend mode'. Just press the power button and you will be back where you were straight away.

Preorder your PlayStation 4 now to make sure you don't miss out on what is sure to be in very high demand come this Winter 2013

01.00 21/02/2013

Bungee fans! Just when you thought you had had enough exciting announce news from them recently BOOM there you go... Destiny will drop on PlayStation 4!

How are all the HALO fans feeling? Looking forward to getting your hands on this? It's kind of funny that all the features and concepts for Destiny that they talked about at the announce last week match up so well with the core focus and features that have been discussed as part of the new PlayStation 4 system and OS. I guess Sony weren't lying when they said they have been canvassing developers for details of what they want to see in a system and what would help them make the games they dream of making!?

What are your thoughts on Destiny? We think it looks like quite a bold new direction for Bungee and Activision.

PS4 Destiny for PlayStation 4 PS4 Destiny for PlayStation 4 PS4 Destiny for PlayStation 4 PS4 Destiny for PlayStation 4 PS4 Destiny for PlayStation 4
00.55 21/02/2013

Preorder your PS4 at GAME now!

Diablo III
00.54 21/02/2013

Diablo III for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4!? I thought this was a hardcore PC only title? Wow seems like a bit of a coup by Sony and PlayStation then.

I've never played this game personally, I just know that if I had a quid for everytime someone I know who is a PC gamer has told me it's really good I would be rich... or at least have several more pounds! Haha.

Get in touch on #GAMESonyNews on twitter and tell me what to expect / hope for from Diablo III on PlayStation 4. Why do you love it?

PS4 Diablo III PlayStation 4 PS4 Diablo III PlayStation 4 PS4 Diablo III PlayStation 4
00.52 21/02/2013

Ooohh sneaky! Not too much info but a new Final Fantasy game for PlayStation 4 very quickly name dropped there. We will all have to wait for more info though it appears but I imagine the devs will be able to do some pretty special things with the new technology the PlayStation 4 gives them!

PS4 Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 PS4 Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 PS4 Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 PS4 Final Fantasy PlayStation 4 PS4 Final Fantasy PlayStation 4
00.51 21/02/2013

Watchdogs looks seriously amazing... especially if you like big open world games (I do).

This game lets you control everything around you in a very convincing and busy looking city environment. One of the opening scenes has a train / tube / monorail going round at the start in view and it looked really real (and fast). Nice city environment. You watch as the main character fleeces an 'ATM' with some magical hacking peoples phones, cash machines and even traffic bollards is very much on the menu (see screenshot of Police car getting wrecked by bollards.)

PS4 Watchdogs for PlayStation 4 PS4 Watchdogs for PlayStation 4 PS4 Watchdogs for PlayStation 4 PS4 Watchdogs for PlayStation 4 PS4 Watchdogs for PlayStation 4 PS4 Watchdogs for PlayStation 4 PS4 Watchdogs for PlayStation 4
00.40 21/02/2013

Capcom present a game called Deep Down. Incredible graphics, the faces of the characters were so detailed it was just staggering... and the fire looked like real fire rather than video game fire... notoriously hard to achieve!

This one seems to be an RPG that takes a big lead from Dark Souls. I think everyone's jaws just dropped at the graphics though, really difficult to put into words so will have to just give you some screen shots.

PS4 Deep Down PlayStation 4 PS4 Deep Down PlayStation 4 PS4 Deep Down PlayStation 4
Preorder PS4 At!
00.21 21/02/2013

We are getting the PS4 up on site for preorders... stick with us for a couple of minutes and it will be available to buy.


00.15 21/02/2013

'Witness' is from the maker of Braid, which was a really good indie. This looks totally different, but really interesting. It has a kind of pixar cute and shiny feel to the graphics, and the video shows a lot of puzzles that look a bit like little light mazes.

Before the trailer the talk preceeding this one was of how Sony are really trying to make sure they do right by indie developers, which us as it means we get a much wider choice! I've probably had as much fun playing Retro City Rampage as with any other game this year!

PS4 Witness PlayStation 4 PS4 Witness PlayStation 4 PS4 Witness PlayStation 4
00.09 21/02/2013

Infamous Second Son - More comic book mash up action with great graphics by the looks of it.

If being a mutant who controls energy and going round smashing up feeble humans and their feeble towns is your bag, there's little chance of you not liking what you see here.

00.03 21/02/2013

Put your hands up if you thought you were about to hear 'Gran Turismo'? *Puts hand up*

Nope, this little beauty is called Drive Club.

The graphics were incredible it looked like film. I know the counter argument is usually that it's easier to make driving games look good because there are less moving parts, but Drive Club smashed it out of the park in terms of graphics in that video. That wasn't even video realistic, it was film realistic!

As a PlayStation fan though, it has to be said I am missing Wipeout and Gran Turismo announcements so far... Although this does look like it's going to be up there with the very best driving games.

PS4 Drive Club for PlayStation 4 PS4 Drive Club for PlayStation 4 PS4 Drive Club for PlayStation 4 PS4 Drive Club for PlayStation 4
11.55 20/02/2013

WOW. Everyone in the office knew something was about to blow up / go wrong but that was HUGE.

So then, Killzone Shadow Fall... How sweet was the intro too? That city looked like Cloud City in Star Wars, except without Lando's shady welcome party. I hope you can explore that city.

Fans of Killzone, Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 are bound to be excited about this!

PS4 Killzone for PlayStation 4 PS4 Killzone for PlayStation 4 PS4 Killzone for PlayStation 4 PS4 Killzone for PlayStation 4
23.24 21/02/2013

As Mark Cerny, PS4 Lead System Architect, is talking about how improved the graphic power in PS4 is he then mentions he been making a game himself...

Knack seems to really be showing off the new PlayStation 4 graphic cabailities. Lots of floating elements make up the main character in Knack, who seems to be able to control matter (think Magneto in XMen but not just metal).

All very cute styling, very family friendly. We have a big Crash Bandicoot fan in the room and he seems very happy!

PS4 Knack for PlayStation 4 PS4 Knack for PlayStation 4 PS4 Knack for PlayStation 4 PS4 Knack for PlayStation 4
23.19 20/02/2013

Introducing the new Dual Shock 4 Control Pad - So the recent leaks were correct! I'm still so excited from them showing the PlayStation 4 logo I'm struggling to take it all in!

So we have basically absorbed some of the move functionality into the original Dual Shock 3 controller... and added a touch screen (which I guess is logical as it will allow gestures etc).

But the biggest thing about it seems to be the share button. For those not watching the stream or struggling with it dying out... the new PlayStation 4 Dual Shock 4 Control Pad has a share button that allows you to easily share live realtime video of your gaming through PSN using built in Ustream technology, and allowing you to show off or get help or even get a mate to help you with a tricky level! Pretty good stuff.

Sony say they want the sharing of video to be as common as the sharing of screenshots is today... well this new functionality between the PS4 operating system and the Dual Shock 4 is certainly going to make it super easy! (As long as Ustream works better than it did tonight!)

Personally, as a PlayStation gamer, I'm really glad they didn't change the pad too much. They seem to have added some really good functionality but without messing with the design too much. The controller has always been one of the reasons PlayStation has been the superior console for me since its original launch.

Dual Shock 4 - The New PlayStation 4 Control Pad Dual Shock 4 - The New PlayStation 4 Control Pad
PS4 Is Official!
23.09 20/02/2013

Those of you who were hoping / expecting a PS4 announce won't be disappointed... Apparently this event is going to be going for 2 hrs so we have a lot to get through!

Let Us In!
22.49 20/02/2013

One of our people on the scene just sent us a picture from outside the venue... Anyone been to New York and know the area?

Important Update...
22.20 20/02/2013

The lovely people at Sony have kindly had a present delivered to the office.

Someone might have to arrange for a crane to lift us out of this office in the morning though as it's... you guessed it... MORE PIZZA

Pizza Is Done...
22.00 20/02/2013

Well, the team here made light work of the pizza.

GAME Sony News Team SMASH Pizza Delivery
Slow Tweets...
21.35 20/02/2013

We are aware our twitter feed is lagging behind at the moment, just looking into it...

20.00 20/02/2013

Sounds like an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the office at the moment as everyone is getting their pizza orders in. Going to be a long night!

I'm still more excited about the Sony Event myself though. 3 Hours and counting...

Less Than 5 Hours To Go...
18.24 20/02/2013

Less than 5 hours to go now until kick off at 11pm our time. More and more appearing in the press about what to expect... share any interesting stuff with us on twitter using #GAMESonyNews

Get Involved...
17.57 20/02/2013

So what are you expecting? Get in touch via the hashtag #GAMESonyNews with us on twitter.

What do you want the announcement to be? Any features / software etc you are hoping Sony are going to talk about?

We're buzzing. Can't wait to find out what it's going to be.

Welcome PlayStation fans!
17.00 20/02/2013

The clock is well and truly ticking and the metaphorical curtain will be lifted on SONY's big 'Future of PlayStation' reveal.

Rumours have been bouncing around all week, but tonight they'll all be laid to rest. Whatever the future holds for the PlayStation brand, we'll find out tonight!

We'll be updating this blog throughout the night (and the early hours), sharing our thoughts and excitement as the evening plays out. Forget bleary eyes – this is too big to miss!

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