The Batman Light (Lighting)

Light up your home like the streets of Gotham City with this, The Batman Logo Light.

The 30cm (11.8") wide light features the logo from the 2022 film, The Batman, in black and a bold red. A bat silhouette sits behind the logo with its wings spread out. The light can be wall-mounted (instructions included) or used free-standing. Plus, it includes phase on and pulsing light modes.

Power the light with USB (cable included) or 3x AAA batteries (not included), and let it light up your bedroom or living space.

The Batman Logo Light is a great feature display light for any superhero fan.
With this Batman Logo Lamp, you can illuminate your home to resemble the streets of Gotham City.

The Batman logo is shown on the 30cm (11.8") wide lamp in a striking red and black colour scheme. Behind the logo, a silhouette of a bat with wings outstretched is visible. The lamp can either be used free-standing or wall-mounted (instructions are included). Moreover, it offers options for phase on and pulsing light.

Let the light illuminate your living or bedroom by using USB (cable provided) or three AAA batteries (not included).

For any admirer of superheroes, the Batman Logo Light is a fantastic feature display light.
SKU: 825459-product
Release Date: 28/10/22