Tarok Essentials - Razer Gaming Chair by Zen (PC)

The 3D armrests provide you with the features required to enjoy the TAROK ESSENTIALS in any position, whether you are seated with recline, or playing a game with a controller. Simply adjust the armrest directly with your hand, no need to press a button to do any feature. The 3D Armrest allows movement forward and backward, rotation in a circular movement, and height adjustments.

We have used high-grade PU Leather across the full chair on the TAROK ESSENTIALS, finely fitted onto the fully custom high density molded foam on the full metal frame. Ensures a tightly fitted PU, and a great look and feel – craftsmanship and comfort are the top priorities on the ESSENTIALS. The seat provides stability and breathability with the pin-hole seat design allowing your body to breathe when seated for hours!

The soft PU Covered wheels across the full TAROK line up of RAZER EDITION Gaming Chairs allows for a smooth glide on any surfaces given by the XL 60mm wheels. Made of high-quality materials they will never wear out – no matter how many RPM you spin in them.

The Class 4 Gaslift provides 100mm travel and ensures even the tallest users to sit at a comfortable height with the chair, helping the progress is the elevated design of the 700mm strengthened Nylon base. The long traveling gas lift is securely placed in an 80mm depth below the surface of the base, providing unrivaled stability and anti-topple abilities.

Here is where the TAROK ESSENTIALS differs from the rest of the lineup, to ensure the affordable price tag the regular tilt mechanism is attached to the chair, it still provides a free and smooth tilt and is lockable in the upright position, when there is no time to relax. Adjust the force below the seat.

The TAROK ESSENTIALS comes with PU covered neck and lumbar support pillows, allowing you to sit up straight with your lower back supported by a lumbar pillow when kicking back the neck support pillow is great for watching content online or playing relaxing games with a controller. No matter what, you will be comfortable for hours!
The TAROK ESSENTIALS - RAZER™ EDITION Gaming Chair Designed by ZEN as the name states you are provided with all things essential in the new TAROK ESSENTIALS. But with the affordable pricetag, you are still provided with the same pillars of craftmanship and build across the full chair, as on the TAROK PRO and TAROK ULTIMATE you are still getting a gaming chair with the same 3D soft coat padded armrests, the same XL 60mm PU covered pressure release wheels and Class 4 Gaslift with 100mm travel and a full metal frame chair with molded foam in both seat and backrest. The TAROK ESSENTIALS gives you the same components as the top of line gaming chairs, in recognizable frame design. The TAROK ESSENTIALS comes with PU covered regular foam pillows and regular tilt mechanism lockable in the full upright position.

  • 3D soft coat padded armrests
  • XL 60mm PU covered pressure release wheels
  • Class 4 Gaslift with 100mm travel
  • Regular tilt mechanism
  • Strengthened and heightened 700mm nylon base
  • PU covered foam pillows
  • Full metal frame 1.2mm Thickness
  • Seat in molded foam with 45 density
  • Backrest in molded foam with 18 density
  • SKU: 809852-product
    Release Date: 08/11/2021