Tap-It (Merchandise)

The ultimate high-energy tech game for all the family!

The challenge is on!

Let’s play TAP IT – which player can tap their coloured pod the most number of times in the allocated time-frame?

Connect the pods together for a game of PONG. Line them up in sequence then pass the ‘light’ from one side of the line to the next.

Each player is allocated a colour when playing SWITCH. When the game starts each player has to find then ‘Tap’ their coloured pod to switch the colours up again.

Finally challenge your brain power with a game of MEMORY – repeat the light-up sequence shown by the pods but be warned for each game the pattern becomes faster and longer as you progress through the levels!
  • Your Tap It game includes 4 wireless light-up pods with 4 different games to play!
  • Extend the game play even further and link your master pod to up to 15 additional pods
  • Suitable from 6 years
  • SKU: 838056-product