Talking Tom Animated Plush Doll (Toys and Gadgets)

The star of the hit iPhone and Android app is here in this animated Talking Tom plush toy.

This animated plush is not only as cute as he is on the app, but he can talk back to you, too! A simple playback feature allows you to talk to Tom, and he'll repeat it back in his voice – and his mouth will even move as he speaks! There are also motion sensors that will trigger him to playback further sounds from the app.

This is a must for any fan of the Talking Tom app!

  • Soft plush toy with easy to operate playback function
  • A red light indicates when to talk to Tom
  • Hear your message repeated back in Tom's voice
  • Mouth moves when he speaks
  • Includes actual sounds from the app
  • Stands 16 inches high
SKU: 243258-product
Release Date: TBD