Sylvanian Families - Adventure Tree House (Childrens Toys)

Adventure Tree House's rope swing can go up and down and work as a lift.

Place the log ride on the huge slide to make it go down.

There are four small rooms.

There is a secret passage inside the tree, just for the babies.

The hut on the terrace can be removed and played with separately.

  • Combine with the Lakeside Lodge
  • Family Campervan
  • Baby Ropeway Park
  • Baby Hedgehog Hideout or Baby Collectibles: Baby Outdoor Series for even more fun (sold separately).
  • Main Unit
  • Hut
  • Fence x2
  • Log Ride
  • Flag
  • Rope Swing (a total of 7 pieces)
  • SKU: 825064-product