Super Mario Fire Flower Mega Plush (Plushies)

Designed in Japan, Mocchi- Mocchi- are super soft and huggable pillow toys.

Unlike other ordinary plush toys, these high quality collectible plush pillows have a unique squishy texture and are super soft to touch.

This Super Mario plush series features fan-favorite characters and items from the beloved Nintendo games.

Whether looking for fun kids' room decor, treating your favorite gamer, or yourself; there's a Mocchi- Mocchi- sure to please everyone.
Mocchi- Mocchi- are incredibly soft and cuddly pillow toys that were designed in Japan.

These premium collectible plush pillows are incredibly soft to the touch and have a distinctive squishy texture, setting them apart from other typical plush toys.

The Super Mario plush line includes iconic Nintendo game characters and objects that are cherished by fans.

There is a Mocchi-Mocchi- guaranteed to suit everyone, whether you're searching for entertaining kids' room decor, a gift for your favourite gamer, or just for yourself.

SKU: 836443-product
Release Date: 27/09/2023