Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition coming to Europe

Capcom's crossover arcade brawler Street Fighter X Tekken will receive a limited edition release in Europe, the publisher has confirmed.

The Street Fighter X Tekken Special Edition is available to preorder now for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and includes a copy of the game itself, plus a selection of in-game goodies and collectable items.

Pro players will gain an advantage from the inclusion of 45 Gem Power-Ups, which can be used to customise the packed roster of Street Fighter and Tekken stars with improved abilities.

Also thrown in are a prequel comic and concept art book from Udon Comics, as well as a unique money box shaped like a Street Fighter X Tekken arcade cabinet.

The new game hits stores in March 2012 and represents the first meeting between the cast of Capcom's Street Fighter and Namco Bandai's rival Tekken series.

A PC edition will be released in May, while a PS Vita version is also in the works, offering a dozen extra characters.

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Release Date: 27/02/2012