Street Fighter X Tekken confirms new characters and PC date

Capcom has nailed down a PC release date for its new crossover fighting game Street Fighter X Tekken, as well as adding a few new names to the list of confirmed characters.

The all-star beat-em-up will arrive on home computers in May 2012, two months after it makes its debut on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Street Fighter X Tekken will be the first game to bring the cast of Capcom's Street Fighter games into conflict with characters from Namco's Tekken series, with gameplay based on the 2D fighting engine of Street Fighter IV.

The final characters added to the game's roster are the villainous Street Fighter duo of M Bison and Akuma, as well as Ogre and Jin Kazama from Tekken, completing a line-up that includes more than 40 characters.

A handful of fighters have been confirmed as exclusive to the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions of the game - Sony mascot cats Kuro and Toro, Namco and Capcom legends Pac-Man and Mega Man, and Cole McGrath from the inFAMOUS series.

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Release Date: 20/02/2012