Storage Case & Thumb Grip Set for Nintendo Swtich - Protect 16 Games, Grips (4 Black, 2 Red, 2 Blue) (Switch)

The must have accessory for any gamer is here, Thumb Grips. These quality crafted thumb stick grips enhance your gameplay by offering an improved gripped feel when holding your controller. No longer will your thumbs slip during gameplay due to the raised dotted texture. Choose between two designs, a multi grip domed thumb stick or an indented 4 dotted thumb stick. These ergonomically designed thumb grips are designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. This simply designed case protects your games from accidently damage, keeps them safe and organised. Thanks to the compartmentalized interior you can easily see all your games in one place and simple to select which one you would like to play next. Its light weight makes it very portable yet its solid case will protect your games from costly damage. Supplied in plain eco friendly disposable box.
SKU: 687993-product
Release Date: 22/12/2016