Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack (Switch)

The beautiful worlds of Atlas are under-threat and risk being destroyed by the evil Grax and his Forgotten Legion. It’s up to you and your heroic team of pilots to save Atlas and defeat evil forces. Use modular toys to create your own game-play experience choosing your team of pilots, weapons and Starships which all come to life in-game.

When the worlds of Atlas are threatened with danger and devastation, you and your heroic team of pilots must defeat the Grax and his Forgotten Legion. 

Featuring as a Switch exclusive is the special guest pilot, Fox McCloud from Star Fox, with exclusive add-on missions! He returns to help you save the Atlas Star System from destruction.

Included in the Starlink: Battle for Atlas Starter Pack is:

  • Copy of Starlink: Battle for Atlas on Switch
  • Arwing starship
  • Two pilots: Fox McCloud and Mason Rana
  • Two weapons: Flamethrower and Frost Barrage
  • One Joycon mount
  • A poster of Starlink: Battle for Atlas toy collection
  • Digital version of the Zaenith starship and Shreddar weapon

Exclusive to Switch, you can play as the iconic Fox McCloud who is an ace pilot and leader of the legendary Star Fox team.

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The evil Grax is threatening to cause devastation and destruction to the Atlas Star System, and you must lead your brave team to defeat him and his Forgotten Legion. Using modular toys, you must build Starships and customize them to overcome challenges that may come your way in this legendary open-world adventure.

The modular toys offer an exciting new way to play as you build your own modular spaceship and watch them come to life in the game. You can equip your model with different parts which will change the way your Starship moves in-game. You must assemble your fleet of heroic interstellar pilots and create your very own playstyle. Customise your Starship and team of pilots to defeat the evil Grax!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas features exclusive to Switch missions including Team Star Fox who also join the battle. You will recognise some very familiar Star Fox faces in this epic adventure, so prepare to head into space and save Atlas in Starlink: Battle for Atlas.

How do you use modular toys with Switch? The magical toys-to-life concept requires you to build the spaceships and slot in your Joy-Cons into the mount. You can then attach each pilot, then plug in all the weapons and gadgets to your ship which you can then play in-game.
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Release Date: 16/10/2018