Spider-Gwen Cable Guy - Phone and Device Holder (Merchandise)

Whether it's your Xbox, Play Station, Nintendo Switch gaming controller or tv remote, it can be held.

If you're a fan of Spiderman & Friends, this is the perfect gaming accessory for you. Admire your favourite character as it neatens up the room. As long as it fits into his little hands, it can be held. It's also a perfect gift 
Designed initially to hold most gaming controller when they're charging but it can also act as a phone stand for most mobile phones

Officially licensed by Marvel. The much-loved Marvel superhero in his trademark red & blue spiderman suit, Spiderman joins our hugely popular 8 inch tall Cable Guys range

Cable Guys are a range of highly detailed Marvel, Disney, DC Comics & gaming figures, designed and manufactured by a passionate team of fans and gamers. They offer a collectible assortment of your favourite characters that have so many uses

Devices not included
SKU: 837989-product
Release Date: 01/12/2023