Skyrim - Board Game - Miniatures Upgrade Set (Puzzles and Board Games)

Dress to impress!

Upgrade your tabletop gaming experience and add further depth to the world of Skyrim by switching out wandering monster counters for intricately-detailed 32mm scale miniatures of all the map-based adversaries in the game.
Enhance the spectacle of your game with this cosmetic expansion. Ideal for those who like to dress to impress.

  • 53 Wandering Monster Miniatures (Replacements for Monster Tokens Found in Core Game & Dawnguard)
  • 10 New Alternative Sculpts for the Heroic Miniatures
  • [Bonus] Adventurer's Primer Skirmish Game (Stand-Alone Game, Compatible with the Call to Arms Wargame by Modiphius)
  • All Miniatures are 32mm-Scale, Unpainted, Pre-Assembled, Hardened PVC (Dark Red or Grey Plastic)

    Note: This expansion offers no new campaigns, chapters, or storylines for Skyrim: The Adventure Game and is a cosmetic upgrade only in that regard. All rules included in this box are for the Adventurer's Primer product.
  • SKU: 817891-product
    Release Date: 16/12/2022