Skullcandy SLYR Stereo Headset (Blue) (Accessories)

Ready to roll, right out of the box. The SLYR’s Multi-platform functionality includes everything you need to connect with Xbox 360, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and PCs natively, so you can jump straight into play.

Wired Headset
Supreme Sound’s enhanced audio and attacking bass make this wired headset ideal for gaming— and any other media where audio quality matters

Over Ear Design
No need to cut your campaign short. With plush ear cushions that adapt to individual ear shapes and resist heat build up, the SLYR's over-ear design provides the perfect seal and eliminates ear fatigue during especially long play.

3 Position EQ
We know that quality sound can tip the balance between life and death, power and poverty, and revenge or betrayal. SLYR features three customized EQ settings that add a whole new layer of immersive reality.

GMX Mixer
Tuning out everything but the soundtrack, or starting a conversation with another player couldn’t be easier with the SLYR’s GMX in-line mixer. Conveniently located controls let you dial in the balance between game sounds and voice chat, adjust the onboard volume, and toggle between the EQ settings.

EZ Stash Mic
Designed for easy and effective gaming communication, the SLYR’s Flip-Up Boom Mic picks up your voice clearly without broadcasting background noise. A quick flip of the mic lets you quickly end transmission and enter stealth-mode.
SKU: 280817-product
Release Date: 14/10/2013