Six Collection: ELA Chibi Figurine (Scaled Models)

They’re back! Add Ela, and other operators, to your Six Collection! 

Ubicollectibles proudly presents a third wave of operators, in the Official Six Collection. 

Five new operator figurines are now available, and are all based on the operators and gun charms that are found in-game. 

Each figurine comes with a unique code to unlock exclusive content in Rainbow Six Siege.

Key Features
  • Continuation of the popular Six Collection
  • Highly-detailed figurine, inspired by the operators from Rainbow Six Siege
  • Height: 10 cm / 4"
  • Materials: PVC + ABS
  • Includes a unique code that unlocks as in-game weapon charm

  • "It's a brutal, dangerous world out there, but I've found my way. Chaos is my home, and I'll make sure you never escape it."

    Elżbleta “Ela” Bosak is a polish Defending Operator, from Poland’s Special Forces, GROM. 

    As an expert in Countering Threat Networks, Ela is the perfect addition to any squad who seeks to dismantle supply routes and extract Intel from their opponents.

    Ela is a determined, creative, adventure-craving soldier with an impressive range of skills and a fiery temperament. Beware her (Grzmot) Concussion Mines!

    Product Details
  • MaterialsPVC + ABS
  • Height 95 mm
  • Length 50 mm
  • Depth 50 mm
  • Weight 62 g

  • Packaging
  • Cardboard box with window
  • Dimensions 140 x 100 x 80 mm (HxlxD)
  • Weight 120 g 
  • Languages EN – FR – SPA – CHN 
  • SKU: 746533-product
    Release Date: 23/05/2019