Singles: Flirt up your Life! (PC)

Singles: Flirt Up your Life, lets you control the lives of two very different people, apartment sharing in a busy European city. How they interact and the sort of relationship they have is totally up to you. Having just moved in, with a small amount of money between them, it’s up to you to kit out the apartment to your liking, purchasing the necessities and make it as comfortable as possible.

You control both characters, making breakfast, going to work, relax and recreation, sleeping – in general, satisfying their everyday personal and physical needs.In addition, the goal is to develop a relationship between the characters, which is only possible if both are happy. What kind of relationship it becomes is up to you, there are five different aspects: Romance, Friendship, Sex, Fun and also Trouble – not doing the housework WILL cause friction!

A positive relationship between the couple will start from friendship, moving to flirting, intimacy and finally ‘erotic’ actions!!With over 12 different characters to choose from and customise, their varying personalities and careers have a constant effect on their everyday needs, their favourite activities and the kind of relationship they prefer. So you can throw together the femme fatal with a best friend, or a charmer with the cute librarian, and see how things develop. It’s your very own interactive ‘Big Brother’.


Over 12 male and female characters to ‘pair up’ in the apartment – choose from the seductive Natasha, the lad about town Mike or the innocent and naïve Pacifica

Highly detailed and realistically animated characters – True-to-life human physique and natural facial expressions – each ‘Single’ features bump-mapping and over 30,000 polygons

Character skill system allows for development and progression – Make your ‘Singles’ more efficient at tasks by learning

Romantic-erotic situations – ‘Singles’ are not shy about showing their feelings to one another, be that friendship, love or anger
‘PINK MODE’ allows for gay relationships to develop between ‘Singles’

Dynamic shadows and Radiosity Lighting in a True3D world – Giving the apartment that ‘soft focus – loving’ feel
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Release Date: 08/04/2004