Silent Hill: Downpour to receive score album release

Konami has announced that the forthcoming Silent Hill: Downpour will receive a soundtrack album release in March 2012.

Milan Records is set to bring out a collection of music from composer Daniel Licht's atmospheric score to the new Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 survival horror title, which is due out the same month.

Licht is best known for his acclaimed work on the popular TV series Dexter and has created a haunting, eerie musical accompaniment to prisoner Murphy Pendleton's unsettling journey through the eponymous cursed town.

The composer said: "I came up with a sound world that I feel amplifies and augments the player's experience. I incorporated numerous instruments including piano, mandolin and industrial sounds."

Silent Hill: Downpour also features a theme tune by Jonathan Davis, frontman of nu-metal band Korn, which is included on the album release.

March 2012 is set to be a huge month for Silent Hill fans, with the Silent Hill HD Collection and Silent Hill: Book of Memories for PlayStation Vita also due for release.

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Release Date: 06/02/2012