Ship Simulator 2008 (PC)

Ship Simulator 2008, the much anticipated sequel to the surprise simulation hit of last year, will not only add new harbours and many new vessels, but also much desired features like open sea missions, advanced weather conditions and realistic waves. Ship Simulator 2008 will rock your simulated world!


  • 30 Breathtaking missions
  • Ocean waves, with realistic ship motion
  • Advanced day, night and weather systems
  • Visible damage on ships after a collision
  • Long-distances trips between harbours (open sea missions)
  • Walkthrough options on all new ships
  • Mid-mission save function
  • New navigation instruments, including a depth meter
  • Advanced towing and mooring rope operations
  • Complex and challenging missions, including ship chases, container loading, fire-fighting and exciting rescue operations
  • Seven sailing areas, of which three are brand new: Southampton/Solent including Cowes, San Francisco and Marseille
  • Thirteen vessels, of which nine are new, including ferries, a super-tanker and a massive container ship
  • Two cranes for container loading and unloading, which can be controlled by the player
SKU: 193072-product
Release Date: 13/07/2007