Shadow Of War - World Of Warcraft Expansion Pack (Toys and Gadgets)

From the day that the Horde set foot on Azeroth, the world has not known peace. The Horde and the Alliance have battled for generations, and the Third War brought them a new enemy, more terrible than they could have imagined. Now, throughout what once was Lordaeron and its allied kingdoms, heroes of Horde and Alliance alike struggle valiantly in the Shadow of War. Shadow of War is a card expansion for World of Warcraft the Board Game. It contains new rules, new options, and new ways to customize your gameplay. Its features include:

•Ten new talents and ten new powers for all nine playable classes!

•New Blue Quests, which focus on the independant blue monsters.

•Destiny cards, unfolding the sweeping epic that is your adventure in Azeroth!•Nearly 200 new item cards!
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