Sega Astro City Mini Console (Retro)

In celebration of its 60th anniversary, Sega is offering a miniature version of its famous arcade cabinet: the Sega Astro City. The Astro City - which was a huge success in the 1990s with over 50,000 terminals installed in Japan alone - for the first time offered to the players the famous 3D fighting game, Virtua Fighter!

The Astro City mini console is a 1/6 scale true reproduction of the original console. At the time of its release, the latter was the first one to be build using resin. Like its old sister, the Astro City Mini is also made of resin and has the exact same design including the joystick and the buttons!

With its 4-inch screen, joystick and 6 buttons, you can enjoy a selection of 37 of the most famous Sega games right at the palm of your hand!

The Astro City Mini has 37 classic arcade Sega games pre-installed, including the 720P-HD version of Virtua Fighter. It also includes a fantastic title never publicly released before in the game centers and mainly known by experts: Dottori Kun. This raises the total to 37 games to discover or rediscover!

Whether you're a fan of retro arcade games, a fan of Sega games or just curious, you can now feel the excitement of great arcade games in the palm of your hand with the Sega Astro City Mini!
Full games list:

1.Virtua Fighter
2.Space Harrier
3.Rad Mobile
4.Fantasy Zone
5.Altered Beast
6.Golden Axe
7.Golden Axe – The Revenge Of Death Adder
8.Alien Syndrome
9.Alien Storm
10.Wonder Boy
11.Wonder Boy In Monster Land
12.Wonder Boy III Monster Lair
14.Shadow Dancer
15.Cyber Police Eswat
16.Crack Down
17.Gain Ground
18.Quartet 2
19.Puyo Puyo
20.Puyo Puyo 2
22.Columns II
23.Stack Columns
24.Bonanza Bros.
27.Thunder Force AC
28.Sonic Boom
29.Dottori Kun
31.Sega Ninja
32.My Hero
33.Arabian Fight
34.Dark Edge
36.“Alex Kidd with Stella The Lost Stars”
37.Scramble Spirits
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Release Date: 02/07/2021