Scrabble 75th Anniversary Edition UK (Puzzles and Board Games)

Celebrate 75 years of fun Beyond Words with the Scrabble 75th Anniversary Edition. Featuring and elegant, FSC-certified wooden gameboard casing, tile racks, and letter tiles, a rotating board, and even an extra way to play, this premium version of the game will provide years of fun for both long-time and new players alike.
Ages: 10 + / Players: 2 – 4

  • To commemorate its 75th Anniversary, the scrabble brand is taking steps to embrace a more sustainable future.
  • With FSC-certified wood tiles, racks, and gameboard casing, packaging made from FSC-certified paper, and fabric made from recycled plastic, we hope to protect the planet with more than just words.
  • Two games in one! Play the classic Scrabble game you know and love… or try Scrabble Sprint, specifically designed for faster, more casual play with an added strategic twist.
  • Rotating board is easy to spin and includes a grid to help told tiles in place.
  • SKU: 832950-product
    Release Date: 15/06/2023