Schizm (PC)

The year is 2083 and deep space probes discover the spectacular planet Argilus. A beautiful world of amazing cites and complex machinery, but no people. It was like finding the Mary Celeste on a planetary scale.

What happened on Argilus? Science teams are brought in and research bases set up to discover what happened. Ten months later. Your supply ship has been sent to check on the teams.

But when you hail them from orbit, there's no answer...

The entire human science colony has disappeared without a single trace. Suddenly all systems on your ship start failing and you and your crew-mate have no choice but to abandon ship. Your escape pod crashes on the planet, you are alive but alone. Will you too vanish? Or can you find a way to locate your crewmate, solve the mystery and get off the planet?

A mysterious journey awaits you, as you explore a fascinating world of living ships, floating cities and alien intrigue!

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