Saints Row: The Third PS3 owners to receive free game

Saints Row: The Third PS3 owners to receive free game

THQ and Sony are teaming up to provide an exclusive limited-time giveaway to owners of the PlayStation 3 version of Saints Row: The Third.

Gamers who validate their online pass for the new Saints Row game will be able to download a digital copy of its popular predecessor Saints Row 2, completely free of charge.

The older game will allow fans to enjoy all the madness of the 2008 hit, in which the Saints gang vie for supremacy over the city of Stilwater, engage in antisocial behaviour and experience various extra missions originally featured as DLC.

PlayStation 3 owners can take advantage of this special offer until February 13 2012, giving them plenty of time to register online and join in the fun.

Saints Row: The Third was released on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC last week and has enjoyed the biggest debut of any game in the series to date.

The new game relocates the action to an all-new city called Steelport and features more madcap destruction and crazy weapons than ever.

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Release Date: 23/11/2011