Saints Row IV Inauguration Station is available now


It's only a few weeks before the utter madness of Saints Row IV descends upon us, smashing up the openworld crime saga with alien invasion shenanigans, and casting the player as the 3rd Street Saints gang leader turned US President.

To whet your whistle for this auspicious occasion, publisher Deep Silver - which bought the series when THQ went bust - has released the Inauguration Station app. Available for free on PC and Xbox 360, with a PlayStation 3 version due on the 13th, the download lets you create your player character in advance and get a sneak preview of the sort of silliness you can expect. That, of course, means skeleton costumes, horse masks, rubber gimp suits and, of course, ridiculous underwear.

You can assign various personality moves to your President, in the shape of enthusiastic compliments and taunts, and then share the resulting madness via the Saints Row website so that other players can savour your flair. Of course, when the full game is released, you'll be able to import your painstakingly crafted weirdo and get straight into the action.

Saints Row IV will be out for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on August 23rd. Hail to the chief.

SKU: News-241777
Release Date: 07/08/2013