RPG developer Obsidian hints at Dungeon Siege 4

Internet detectives got busy today when the homepage for legendary RPG developer Obsidian was replaced with an image of an ouroboros - that's a dragon in a circle eating his own tail - along with the number four and a cryptic message: "What do the words mean? Nothing. The Dirge of Eir Glanfath is sound without form, a lone voice crying out in mourning because it must."

Those canny souls who poked around in the page's HTML source code found another clue: "X . X X . X X To tenderness, fellowship. To fellowship, vigilance. So bring we all to the Night Market. I am the Spindle of Esenath. Know me by my light and stand with me in darkness."

Clicking on the logo took visitors to a forum on the Obsidian message boards dedicated to something called "Project X". Obsidian developed Dungeon Siege 3 last year, while Dungeon Siege publisher Square Enix has confirmed it is working with a western developer on a new game, leading fans to speculate that this is a tease for a return to the kingdom of Ehb.

It might be a while before Project X, whatever it may be, sees the light of day. Obsidian is currently hard at work on the South Park RPG, The Stick of Truth, for THQ. That's due for release in March 2013.

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Release Date: 11/09/2012