Rogue Spear + Delta Force 2 Double Pack (PC)

Two deadly shooters one bullet proof price. This pack contains both Tom Clancy's Rainbow Rogue Spear and Delta Force 2.

Rainbow Six Rogue Spear - Back in full force is Tom Clancy ’s hallmark realism and suspense in Rogue Spear, the game awarded by Computer Gaming World and PC Gamer : World's 2000 action game of the year. Rogue Spear straddles the razor ’s edge separating justice from the dark forces of geopolitical turmoil. It blends spine-tingling tactics and explosive action into intense counter-terrorist warfare.

In Urban Operations, the thrilling add-on from Rogue Spear, you will face the counter terrorist teams worst nightmare: famous urban settings and innocent bystanders. Due to the public nature of these missions,the secrecy of the Rainbow organisation is also at stake.

Lead the Rainbow team of elite multi-nationalspecial operatives against deadly terrorist organisations.Life or death missions will take you to real world settings across the globe, including a Jumbo Jet airplane,the Museum of Art,reknown cities such as Istanbul, London and Hong Kong. Rogue Spear and Urban Operations look so real, you ’ll be yelling Tango Down in your sleep for weeks.

  • 31 Missions and multiplayer spaces for hours of thrilling actions and lethal suspense.
  • Mission editor including mission adjustments and terrorist placement.
  • Advance AI-Terrorists are more realistic and lethal than ever.
  • Full weather effects including snow and rain to make ever challenging missions.
  • New replay features allows you to record a mission.
  • Five classic levels from the original Tom Clancy ’s Rainbow Six.
  • New custom mission feature allows you to choose game type ’map and difficulty before playing.
Delta Force 2 - You're a member of the US Army's best kept secret: the elite special operations unit known as Delta Force - formed to battle terrorism around the world. You've been called into action, can you handle the job?

Execute day and night operations and make your way through fog, rain and snow. Approach the objective via land, sea or air - use tall grass, water and rolling terrain to move undetected. Terrorise the terrorists with new weapons, equipment, fixed machine gun and grenade - launcher emplacements. Take charge with the new Commander's Screen and direct your team mates in single and multiplayer action. Battle your way through forty missions and challenging new multiplayer games. Create your own single or multiplayer battles with the mission editor.

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