Rockstar announces GTA V

Rockstar Games, the developer responsible for popular titles LA Noire and Red Dead Redemption, has unveiled the new logo for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto V.

The familiar writing of the motif has been paired with a 'V', which is styled similarly to that on a US banknote, hinting that more of the same themes will run throughout the game.

Although very few details about the hugely anticipated follow-up have been released, the company revealed the game's official trailer will be available from November 2nd.

Rumour and speculation have surrounded the game's imminent release, with diehard fans suggested GTA V could have a similar hip-hop theme to its San Andreas predecessor.

Industry whispers, echoing those reported by Kotaku, hint that Rockstar is set to make a switch to reality by creating a real-world Los Angeles for the upcoming game.

Characters thought to be featured in GTA V are a "Welsh monk/cult leader/yoga teacher", a "swinger" and "an ugly but comfortable mellow Californian divorcee".

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Release Date: 04/11/2011