ROCCAT Sense Icon SQ Mousepad (PC)

The ROCCAT Sense Icon gaming mousepad is designed for ROCCAT fans that want a comfortable and performant pad that fits with their gear.

The custom artwork gives a splash of our signature vibrant color, whilst the durable resin-treated cloth surface provides a water-resistant finish and ensures a smooth and consistent glide for any gaming mouse.

The thick, comfortable rubber base ensures your mousepad always stays in place. Our choice of premium materials means that it keeps performing at its best.

Available in Square and XXL sizes, the Sense Icon comes in a dimension to meet the needs of your play style and setup.

Package Contents
  • ROCCAT Sense Icon mousepad 

  • Specifications:
  • Surface material – Resin-treated Polyester cloth
  • Base material – Natural Rubber
  • Sense Icon Square dimensions - 450 x 450 x 3mm
  • Sense Icon XXL dimensions - 900 x 420 x 3mm
  • SKU: 839946-product
    Release Date: 29/03/2024