Robosen Optimus Prime: Trailer and Roller set (Merchandise)

The Optimus Prime Trailer Kit is the world's first auto-converting Trailer and Roller set, modeled after the original G1 design and measuring an impressive 3 ft in length. It has three-way trailer transformation. Connect Optimus Prime and the Trailer to control it via the app for an immersive voice-activated experience!

Modeled after the original G1 design, the Optimus Prime Trailer Kit is the ultimate version of the original animated character in robot form.

Trailer Kit Has Everything You Need
ROLLER, Use the app to drive Roller through the Trailer's automatic swinging doors and down the ramp into battle with oncoming Decepticons. SPIKE, The set comes with a Spike Witwicky figurine with articulation in the shoulders, hips, and knees. Spike is scaled to sit in all cockpit spaces, including Roller and the Combat Deck turret cabin. TURRET, The turret automatically lifts and rotates with a 180° panoramic view, so no intruder is missed. The turret's grapple arm and communication antenna can be rotated and folded manually.

Voice and APP Control
Seamlessly connect Optimus Prime, the Trailer, and Roller and control them synchronously via the app. Thirteen pre-installed trailer action commands include one-button transformation and multiplayer modes, making it fun to retell the Transformer's story with childhood friends.

Note: Optimus Prime is not included with the product and must be purchased separately.
Product Specs:

Trailer Form Size
22.0×6.8×10.4 in (559.4×173.6×264.7 mm)

Maintenance Base Form Size
24.6 in (624.9 mm)

Battle Deck Form Size
560x173.6x264.7mm (excluding turret risers)

99 oz (3.831 kg)

Aluminum alloy frame, ABS+PC shell

Servo Motors

Communication Method
BLE Bluetooth 4.2

Control Method
Mobile app control

Peripheral Interface
DC charging interface, USB data line interface

Battery Capacity
2600 mAh lithium battery pack

Power Adapter
Input 100V-240V~50/60Hz 0.6A , Output DC 12.6V 2A
SKU: 825781-product
Release Date: 16/12/2022