Robosen K1 Pro Interstellar Scout (Merchandise)

The K1 Pro is a new concept in science and technology. A light weight, convenient, free-walking bipedal humanoid robot. With high-precision flexible servo joints and programmable options, the K1 PRO robot is voice-activated and can perform stunts and actions.

Easy Programming
Manual programming is our entry-level mode designed to stimulate an imaginative hands-on approach for adolescents, young adults, and creators alike. Develop logical thinking skills with the K1 series block-based programming. Learn industry standard tools for programming as you unlock the endless possibilities of fun and excitement.

High Motility
Robosen's bipedal K1 PRO robot simulates a human-like gait bringing to life this immersive product. High-level adaptive control algorithms include bipedal gait stabilization and artificial joint drives for high-dimensional movements via high-precision servo motors.17 high-precision servo motors controlled by 40 self-developed microchips bring K1 to life. With over 1700+ components, K1's cutting-edge technology elevates this product to the next level.

Intelligent Voice Control
Discover your voice control superpowers. The K1 PRO is voice-controlled with up to 80+ pre-installed voice commands, offering an immersive experience away from a screen.

Robosen’s self-developed smart app is simple and convenient, allowing you to control K1 remotely. Unlock multiple levels of custom actions one by one giving you a sense of accomplishment by using critical thinking skills.
Product Specs:

Product Size
6.9×3.9×13.7 in (176×99×349 mm)

33.16 oz (0.94 kg)

Aluminum alloy frame, ABS+PC shell

Servo Motors
Aluminum alloy frame structures,17 servo motors (Head ×1/Hands 3×2/Legs 5×2)

Communication Method
BLE Bluetooth 4.2

Control Method
Mobile app or voice control

Peripheral Interface
DC charging interface, USB data line interface

Battery Capacity
2000 mAh lithium battery pack

Input 100V-240V~50/60Hz 0.6A, Output DC 12.6V 2A
SKU: 825601-product
Release Date: 04/11/22