Robosen Buzz Lightyear Movie Version (Limited Ed) (Other Tech)

Smart conversational, programmable, interactive, and ultra-authentic robot Buzz Lightyear.
The Buzz’s body is over 16.5 inches tall and uses a true to form movie-accurate detail design to fully recreate the protagonist Buzz Lightyear from the movie ‘Lightyear’ and his classic Alpha spacesuit. It presents the metal texture with antique finish and battle-worn damage, and intricately depicts and recreates the various patterns of the space suit. Beyond just being an entertainment robot, it is also a technological collectible artwork. Join the Universe Protection Unit and embark on a grand, thrilling journey of alien exploration with Buzz!

Intelligent and immersive experience
Thanks to the equipping of intelligent voice chip & system, you can converse freely with Buzz Lightyear within a certain range through ambiguous voice/semantic recognition without reciting command words, giving you a multi-sensory immersive entertainment experience! The robot also features a collection of 200+ original soundtracks/sound effects/soundbites/pre-installed classic action programs, which together brings an immersive audio-visual experience to life as if you were there.

Equipped and ready
Equipped with the Space Ranger Stand and a magnetic XL-15 jetpack, the pack recreates classic movie scenes, such as Buzz Lightyear soaring into the sky. 4 pairs of interchangeable hands, Space Ranger Blaster, the Laser Gauntlet and Laser Blade DX, our beloved Buzz is equipped with a variety of weapons and accessories. The intergalactic hero is ready to fight against the invasion of hostile vines, bugs, Zurg and his menacing Cyclops. There is also a surprise appearance by the adorable robot cat Sox, who accompanies Buzz across the galaxy on every mission.
Key Features:
  • Ultra-authentic and intricate design
  • Smart conversational voice interaction
  • App interaction works well in hand
  • Advanced articulations and high posability
  • 4 Programming modes and customisable creation
  • 200+ original soundtracks and actions
  • Wifi connections and cloud updates
  • Full pack made for infinite fun
  • Licensed by Disney/Pixar and Premium Built
  • SKU: 837698-product
    Release Date: 19/12/2023