River Master (PC)

The Rhine is yours to command in River Master for PC!

It's time to put on your captain's hat and assume command of important cargo along one of Europe's longest and busiest rivers. With several barges, container ships and ferries under your leadership, it's up to you to ensure everything reaches its destination on time.

But even when you arrive, there's still work to do – docking your vessel and unloading the cargo using cranes, with each mission you complete carefully earning experience points, which you can then exchange for new vessels.

Can you become the River Master?

Key Features of River Master on PC:
  • Cruise across the Rhine from Frankfurt to the Dutch border.
  • Operate a great selection of vessels including barges, ferries, container ships and a speedboat.
  • Each vehicle has its own special mission.
  • Don’t fancy unloading cargo? Skip it! Select what you want to control.
  • View from behind the wheel, using dials, levers and GPS to control the ship.
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Release Date: 12-Oct-12