Review Roundup: WWE '13

Review Roundup: WWE '13

WWE '13, the latest version of THQ's lycra-clad grappling game is almost upon us, and judging from the critical reaction it looks to be a return to form for the series.

IGN dropped an 8.4 score on the mat, declaring that the game retains gameplay improvements from last year's game yet "still continues to find ways to advance THQ's franchise as a whole". The game's focus on the Attitude era of WWE also earned respect, with the "superb single-player experience" picked out for special praise.

The US Official Xbox Magazine dished out an 8/10 review, highlighting the successful evolution of the gameplay from last year's edition and the large roster of playable wrestlers. "Another great match from Yuke's, " it concluded.

Games Radar, meanwhile, offered up a four star review which declared WWE '13 "the best wrestling package of the year". In particular, it says, the game will please players who may have lost faith in previous wrestling titles. "For older fans," Games Radar said, "WWE '13 will likely be their favorite wrestling game in some time, a unique throwback that features the best wrestling gameplay currently available."

WWE '13 is out on November 2nd for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

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