Review Roundup: Payday 2

Dedicated co-op games are few and far between, with Left 4 Dead being one of the only prominent examples of this small but often awesome genre. The other notable entry is Payday, the four-player heist game from developer Overkill, which takes the pulse-pounding, bank-robbing action of movies like Michael Mann's Heat and puts you in control of a series of increasingly audacious - and randomly generated - crime stories.

The original game was a download-only release for PS3 and PC, but the sequel Payday 2 is a full retail game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It adds different character classes, loads more crimes to commit and tons of unlockable weapons, abilities and gadgets to help you pull off the perfect robbery.

But is it any good? It is, according to the reviews which started appearing today. All mention that the game is rough around the edges, inevitable perhaps given Overkill's indie roots, but that the sheer thrill of the co-op gameplay is more than enough to make it an essential purchase for those who love playing with friends.

IGN gives it 8/10, saying "parts of its presentation are lacking, and the state of its single-player is criminal, but overall, it's a deep, addictive co-op shooter that tickled my inner burglar."

CVG agrees, also dishing out an 8/10, and praising the game's multiplayer thrills. "With friends, it's one of the most intense, thrilling co-op multiplayer games we've played," reads the review. "The unpredictability of the randomisation can make even heists you've played a dozen times feel fresh, throwing new surprises at you. Making it past seemingly impossible odds with a fat bag of money slung over your shoulder is hugely rewarding."

"There's something mercurial at the heart of this series that glitches and bugs can't erase," says Eurogamer, also awarding an 8/10. "It's still a long way from being the slick, sophisticated crime thriller it wants to be but, with a little forgiveness from the player, this rough diamond manages to shine."

Payday 2 is out on August 17th for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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Release Date: 13/08/2013