Review Roundup: New Super Mario Bros U

The Wii U launches in America this weekend, which means we're starting to get the first reactions to the console's launch games. First off the blocks is Nintendo's new Mario game, New Super Mario Bros U.

The good news is that reviews are all overwhelmingly positive, with reviewers bowled over by the game's simple charms and confident design. Many also point out that the retro-themed side-scrolling jumping action marks a welcome return to classic 2D gameplay styles.

New Super Mario Bros U "demonstrates there's not just life left in this type of game, but that it can be modern and nostalgic at the same time", according to IGN's 9.1/10 review. "This is how Mario can and will appeal to everyone," it concludes.

Polygon offers 8.5/10, and praises the game for staying true to the series NES and SNES roots. "New Super Mario Bros. U actually feels like it's from that era," says their review. "It's where the series would have gone next if the transition to 3D had never happened, and it feels great to be back on that track."

Eurogamer, meanwhile, also agrees that the game finally makes good on the New Super Mario Bros promise. "There's always been a keen Mario brain working away inside these 2D design exercises", says the 9/10 review, "Now, it feels like there's a proper soul to go along with it."

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Release Date: 16/11/2012