Review Roundup - Killzone Shadow Fall

The PlayStation 4 is finally here. If you've picked one up, should you be adding Killzone to your basket as well?

The PlayStation 4 is finally here, and with it comes the first of the next generation games. Leading the charge is Killzone Shadow Fall, a beefy shooter that aims to show off the power of SONY's new console in the best way possible. If you've picked up a PS4, should you be adding Killzone to your basket as well?

It's a "yes" from NowGamer, which gives the game a robust 8.5/10 thumbs up. There's praise for the way it opens out the traditional FPS corridors, as well as for "stunning" visuals. "It's a step towards the right direction for the typically linear FPS campaign," reads the review, "and hopefully next-gen shooters will begin to follow suit learning from Killzone: Shadow Fall's approach to more player-driven gameplay than the scripted corridors we expect of the genre."

GameTrailers is similarly impressed, slapping am 8.8/10 verdict on Killzone's smouldering face. "Killzone Shadow Fall is easy to recommend as a launch title, and it's also a fantastic shooter on its own merits, regardless of hardware or history", is their conclusion.

"Beautiful. A stunner," reckons Destructoid, which offers a full 9/10. "Killzone: Shadow Fall is the game that will make you happy to own a PS4," it suggests. "This needs to be on your PS4 launch game list." And there's praise too from The Sixth Axis, which declares "the first truly next generation shooter is here", while GameFront calls it "a complete reinvention of the series." Our own review neatly sums it up with "if you only buy one game to show off your new PlayStation 4, make it Killzone Shadow Fall".

More than just a pretty face then, it seems. If you're looking for the game to justify that new PlayStation, here it is.

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Release Date: 29/11/2013