Review Round Up - FIFA 14

Last week PES 2014 jogged out onto the pitch and tried to get a few early goals in before FIFA 14 could even leave the changing room, but now both the year's big footy games are out and the game is on. FIFA has dominated for years, but will it sustain its run?

"Still the greatest, most comprehensive footy game ever made," declares CVG's 9/10 review, which finds fault with the player movement but is otherwise thoroughly impressed. "Those small and clumsy steps it takes backwards, courtesy of Precision Movement, do little to spoil the party," it concludes. "It may be slightly slower and a little worn out in the legs, but FIFA 14 is still king."

IGN highlights the game's gentle evolution after a few years of more radical gameplay overhauls, delivering another 9/10 verdict. "The changes have made FIFA more attacking, fun, welcoming, and attractive, and ultimately it's a stronger experience," says the review. "PES presents a credible alternative in terms of gameplay - FIFA can't replicate it's artful passing style - but when it comes to exciting gameplay, impeccable presentation, and a generous year-long experience, FIFA is still in a league of its own."

Eurogamer finds more to criticise, with an 8/10 score, but praises the generosity that EA Sports offers, with the Ultimate Team feature allowing the FIFA experience to break out of the console and continue developing all year round. "As much as I know I will play it all year," the review concludes, "I would like to feel a greater sense of progression next time. Hopefully EA Sports will find the next-generation consoles inspiring."

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Release Date: 24/09/2013