Return to Castle Wolfenstein - The Extended Edition (PC)

Return to Castle Wolfenstein - The Extended Edition contains both Return to Castle Wolfenstein and Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.

The battlefield just got a whole lot bigger.Return to Castle Wolfenstein: - You are B.J. Blazkowicz, a highly decorated Army Ranger recruited into the Office of Secret Actions (OSA) tasked with escaping and then returning to Castle Wolfenstein in an attempt to thwart Heinrich Himmler's occult and genetic experiments. Himmler believes himself to be a reincarnation of a 10th century dark prince, Henry the Fowler, also known as Heinrich. Through genetic engineering and the harnessing of occult powers, Himmler hopes to raise an unstoppable army to level the Allies once and for all.

You must first escape from imprisonment in the castle to report the strange creatures and happenings in and around Wolfenstein to the OSA. Your mission takes a drastic turn as you learn the depth of Himmler's plans and what you must do to defeat the evil he has unleashed.This is what you have been trained for. Your surroundings will be dangerous and hostile.

The OSA is currently tracking activities believed to be associated with Himmler in locations throughout Germany including; villages overrun by the occult, hidden crypts, forests, air bases, secret weapons facilities, and genetic labs, to name only the few we are aware of. There are more, and you must find them.Failure is not an option. If Himmler succeeds, the war is over for the Allies... and the war is over for everyone.Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - The war at Castle Wolfenstein is over.

You're now the commander of an elite Allied squad. Together you and your team must complete a series of perilous missions throughout the world - from varied climates of Western Europe to the oppresive deserts of Egypt. If you can survive the harsh conditions and relentless enemy attacks you might just discover the truth about Hitler and his real motives during World War II.

Key Features

All new single player campaign.

Fight through incredible new environments such as the awesome Zeppelin level and Egypt.

Battle new enemies like the Elite Desert Guards, Mummies, Mercenaries and more.

All new arsenal of weapons

All new multiplayer content

New character claesses - Construction Engineer and Covert Ops

New Strategies - build structures on the battlefield (towers, bridges, bases) and destroy enemy outposts.

More weapons, for multiplayer mayhem - landmines, grenade launchers and the FG-42.
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