Retro Turntable with BT and USB Play/Recording BLK (Other Tech)

Enjoy your favourite music with the stylish and retro Lenco TT-115BK Bluetooth turntable with speakers. This convenient, compact, and portable suitcase turntable goes beyond just playing your vinyl records – it also allows you to stream your favourite songs to the built-in speakers using your phone or tablet.

Additionally, you have the option to record the music you're playing directly to a USB stick.

The Lenco TT-115BK is known as a "briefcase record player", designed in the shape of a portable briefcase for easy carrying and use.

Simply open the retro case, and you can instantly listen to your favourite vinyl records through the integrated speakers. It truly offers an all-in-one turntable experience, eliminating the need for separate speakers. The solid case with a handle ensures optimal protection for your turntable.
The versatility of the Lenco TT-115BK allows for various playback options. In addition to playing your favourite records, you can stream playlists from your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0, guaranteeing a fast and seamless connection for music playback.

You can also connect the Bluetooth® turntable to your hi-fi set through the AUX-IN input or directly to a stereo system using the RCA output, without the need for a phono preamplifier.

Additionally, you can plug in your headphones for a quiet and undisturbed listening experience with wonderful sound quality.
SKU: 834161-product
Release Date: 17/07/2023