Resident Evil Village: Winters' Expansion (Xbox Series X)

Bonus content:
  • Street Wolf Outfit for Rose (applies to Shadow of Rose content only)

  • Note: This content is also available as part of Resident Evil Village Gold Edition. Please take care not to make duplicate purchases.

    Experience brand-new additional content for the award-winning modern horror masterpiece Resident Evil Village:
  • Third Person Mode: Play the main story from an entirely new perspective.
  • The Mercenaries Additional Orders: Three new characters join the fray, including the towering Lady Dimitrescu, who will now be playable for the first time.
  • Shadows of Rose: A new scenario starring a grown-up Rose, Ethan's beloved daughter, whose kidnapping as a baby kicked off the original Village story.
  • Discover fresh new content for the acclaimed contemporary horror masterpiece Resident Evil Village:

    In the third person: Play the main narrative from a completely different angle.
    The Mercenaries' Extra Instructions: There are now three additional individuals in the mix, including the formidable Lady Dimitrescu, who can now be controlled.

    Shadows of Rose: A fresh story featuring an adult Rose, Ethan's adored daughter, whose abduction as a child served as the catalyst for the first Village tale.
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    Release Date: 28/10/2022