Resident Evil 3: City of Ruin (Puzzles and Board Games)

As consciousness returns and you blink shadows from your eyes, all you can hear is the ringing in your ears. At first, you think it might be from the bells, as you recall racing through the Clock Tower in search of gears to sound the great bell.

Then the blood drains from your face as the memories begin to surface.
You thought you’d escaped Raccoon City. But it isn’t over yet.

Continue your desperate escape with 11 hours of new gameplay, nine gripping new scenarios, three terrifying new enemy types, and two large-and-lethal bosses.

This expansion will drastically change the course of your Resident Evil 3: The Board Game campaign, taking you beyond the built-up city streets to brand new locations plagued by new enemies.

Prepare to face the grotesque Sliding Worms, deadly Hunter β, and bizarre Hunter γ.

But new enemies aren’t your only threat. To move forward, you must adapt to new gameplay mechanics introduced by the changed environment. Creep silently through the City Hospital. Wade through flood water in the City Park. And siphon severely limited electrical power to make your way through the Dead Factory.

All the while, two terrifyingly huge bosses lurk in the shadows.

Keep an eye out for precious items (and brand new effect tokens). You’ll need powerful new weapons and ammunition to stand a chance of survival…
Main Features:
  • Includes 11 hours of new gameplay
  • 14 Plastic minis, highly detailed (including Nemesis Stage 3 and Adult Grave Digger)
  • 6 Game board tiles, double-sided
  • 35 Tokens and Terrain elements
  • 76 Cards
  • Rulebook
  • SKU: 812025-product