Record Storage Suitcase Brown (Other Tech)

Looking for somewhere safe to store your treasured vinyl? Lenco has the perfect solution with the beautiful record storage case. When you love your vinyl you want to ensure they stay safe in mint condition.

Your vinyl will always be safe with this vinyl storage case from Lenco.

With a metallic handle and buckle, the case is fully potable and has a beautiful velvet protection inside.
The Lenco TTA-300BUWH storage case is suitable for storing and carrying up to 30 LPs.

This mint-coloured record case has a faux leather design that is finished with a stripe in the middle for decoration. The interior is finished with soft felt so that your records are ultimately protected. The handle and closure of the case are made of metal.

Stylish in design but retro in feel, this record case is a must-have for any vinyl enthusiast.
SKU: 834154-product
Release Date: 17/07/2023