Realair Beech Duke (PC)

A beautiful classic, minus the expensive repair bills...

The Beechcraft Duke first rolled out in 1968 and production continued through to the early 1980s. The aircraft’s blend of elegance, pressurised cabin and performance made it a firm favourite with her owners, though her reputation for thirst and expensive repair bills were equally legendary!

Developed by the award-winning RealAir, thankfully you won’t have to worry about the bills. Instead this beautiful simulated aircraft makes the perfect platform for IFR flights, or just taking to the skies for the sheer pleasure of flying... this must be one of the most satisfying simulations of a piston twin yet available for FSX.

The Duke has been painstakingly developed from the ground up for Flight Simulator X over a two year period by RealAir. And it shows, with the meticulous attention to detail of every possible aspect of operating this classic Beechcraft, so that the visual aesthetics, sounds, cockpit and panel, animations and flight model all contribute equally to the highest standards possible within FSX.

Summary of key features

A highly detailed exterior model featuring:

  • High resolution textures.
  • Smooth and accurately shaped 3D model.
  • Bump mapping which captures the look of stretched metal skin on the wings and along the fuselage, typical of the Duke’s real world counterpart’s construction.

A beautifully rendered virtual cockpit and panel featuring:

  • 3D gauges which are exact replicas of the Beechcraft and Bendix/King gauges found in real-world Dukes.
  • Ultra-smooth gauge animation.
  • Accurate modeling of all the Duke's systems.
  • Accurate simulation of the Duke's pressurised cabin. All pressurisation controls work as they should plus the cabin will rapidly depressurise if the cabin door is opened.
  • Back-lit gauges and radios.
  • Bendix/King radios and autopilot that are accurately modeled in 3D and function exactly as they would in the real-world.
  • Reflections on cockpit glass.
  • Well-equipped IFR panels.
  • The yokes can be hidden with a click of your mouse to improve panel visibilty.
  • Intuitive click-and-drag mouse interaction.
  • VC variations that include tan, white or black panel backgrounds as well as variations in trim colour.
  • Visual stall-buffet effect.
  • Compatibility with Reality XP GNS430/530 and advanced input devices such as GoFlight and Elite avionics panels.

SKU: 251676-product
Release Date: 06/01/2012