Razer Kitsune Arcade Controller for PS5 and PC (PlayStation 5)

Precise Quad Movement Button Layout for superior control and optimal execution.

By replacing a joystick with 4 movement buttons, enjoy clean, crisp play without the input errors of typical fight sticks—from instantly buffering a charge to flawlessly performing complex motions.

Razer Low-profile Linear Optical Switches for ultra-precise, ultra-responsive inputs
Featuring a shorter actuation height for greater response, the Razer Kitsune’s smooth, lightning-fast switches provide the speed and precision you need to maximize your footsies and whiff punishes.

Slim, Portable Form Factor for easy storage and setup
The Razer Kitsune’s lever less design can be easily stored in your backpack, while its detachable USB Type C cable removes the need for constant coiling or uncoiling when packing or setting up.

Cable Security Clasp and Tournament Lock Switch for uninterrupted tournament play
With a built-in lock to fasten the cable and a lock switch that disables non-essential buttons, secure your win in the heat of competition by eliminating accidental inputs and disconnections.

Removable Aluminium Top Plate to fit your style
From stunning Razer Customs vinyl wraps to creating your own via our downloadable template, simply unscrew the top plate and apply your desired design.

Powered by Razer Chroma RGB for extra fighting flair
With multiple colour combinations and a suite of effects, customize the Razer Kitsune’s lighting to match your fighting style using a series of pre-loaded shortcuts.

SKU: 840676-product
Release Date: 01/06/2024