Rambo: The Video Game to have a 'classic arcade game feel'

We've known for over a year that there's an official Rambo game on the way, recreating the first three movies in the series, but it wasn't clear whether it would be a first-person shooter or something else. VG247 tracked down Will Curley from the game's publisher, Reef Entertainment, and has found the answer: it's a bombastic on-rails score attack shooter that contains more traditional FPS sections.

"We felt that controlling the player's journey through the levels and maximising the visual and set-piece variety we could offer was the best way for us to go," Curley said. "It's similar to a classic arcade game feel, even something like Outrun that speeds you through five stages quickly so in a small chunk of time you've seen a lot of content. We're fans of that type of gaming. So we appointed our developer Teyon and our initial plans were to make a straight 'rail' shooter that moved the player through the set-pieces and environment of the three films."

The interview - which refers to Rambo as "sort of like mixing up the Time Crisis cover system with Call of Duty, but with a badass factor of ten" - also confirms that there are sections in the game when you'll need to rely on Rambo's stealth to get the drop on tougher enemies. In the early stages, based on the fairly unviolent First Blood - a movie with only one death - you can opt to follow Rambo's non-lethal example. If, however, you do want to go crazy, you'll be able to carry two guns, plus Rambo's iconic bow with various arrow types, and grenades into battle.

Also revealed is that you can equip different power-ups and skills, such as faster movement, better score multipliers or quick reloads - to create the perfect Rambo for your playing style. Remember: to survive a war, you have to become war. Or just play it on "Easy".

Rambo is out for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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Release Date: 09/07/2013