Rainbow High: Runway Rush (Switch)

Welcome to the world of Rainbow High. We’re all about letting our true colours shine through creativity, fashion, and friendship. If you can make it through Rainbow High, you can make it through anything.

RING! “A huge announcement in the Runway Classroom. Could all first-year students report to room 112. I repeat, a huge announcement in the Runway Classroom 112!”

It looks like you’ve just got your first art assignment - the theme is ‘Everything is Art’. Play as your favorite Rainbow High character, Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler and Violet. Use their unique talents and work together to present your best work to date. The team with the best idea will be awarded the chance to plan a major school project. It’s time to transform creative struggles into creative brilliance.

There are so many places at Rainbow High to find inspiration for our first assignment. Take a tour around the school. Start in the Atrium and check out the majestic unicorn, then catch up on the latest tea with the students in the common rooms. Explore the Residence Corridors, and swing by Sunny’s bedroom as you make your way to the Student Lounge, where you can play video games or take some great selfies. Head over to the Rainbow Union, up to the first floor to find fun materials in the Fabric Studio, and more.
  • CHOOSE YOUR BFF: Play as Ruby, Poppy, Sunny, Jade, Skyler, and Violet.
  • EXPLORE THE SCHOOL: Discover the classrooms, the student’s bedrooms, Rainbow Union, and more.
  • SOLVE THE PUZZLES: Find clues, collect rainbow diamonds, and unlock the coolest outfits.
  • HELP YOUR FRIENDS: Share your unique talents with them and complete your assignments.
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    Release Date: 22/09/2023