Prototype 2 to receive Dark Horse Comics spinoff

Radical Entertainment has announced a new agreement with Dark Horse Comics to produce a new comic based on the forthcoming Prototype 2.

The digital comic serial will comprise three original stories, commencing on February 15th 2012, and will bridge the gap between the original Prototype game and the eagerly-awaited sequel, which launches on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC this April.

Fans will be able to learn more about the descent into evil of Alex Mercer, the superpowered protagonist of the first adventure, as well as being introduced to new lead James Heller, who is tasked with taking Mercer down in Prototype 2.

Dave Marshall, editor of Dark Horse Comics, said: "Sgt James Heller's heart-wrenching backstory meshed with the sheer amount of over-the-top shape-shifting action in Prototype 2 lend themselves perfectly to a comic book series."

The new game is set to up the ante on the original with an even more action-packed experience, as Heller becomes the ultimate bioweapon and wreaks havoc in a post-apocalyptic New York using a genetic arsenal of deadly armaments.

Players will be able to use sonar abilities, steal enemies' memories and upgrade themselves with new mutations as they strive to complete their mission.

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Release Date: 23/01/2012