Project IGI - Sold Out Range (PC)

Think your way in...shoot your way out!

Set in post-Soviet Russia in a time of corruption and blackmail. You take on the role of David Llewelyn Jones, an ex SAS soldier who has been sent on a black Ops mission to capture a stolen US nuclear weapon and prevent a second Chernobyl disaster. Project IGI encompasses all the excitement of a first person shoot-em-up coupled with the realism, adrenaline and stealth of being an authentic soldier.


  • Strong underlying storyline running alongside the action.
  • Unique gaming environment allowing vast panoramic landscapes and unlimited zoom capability.
  • Interact with a variety of moving vehicles including tanks, APC’s, jets, helicopters, trains and cable cars.
  • Accurate military equipment and software - 12 Special Ops weapons and in-game spy satellite access through your field PDA.
  • All weapons based on field research conducted with ex-SAS soldiers.
  • Real world physics and interactive environments - bullets rip through wooden floors but ricochet off metal staircases.
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