Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright confirmed for European release

Fans of quirky Japanese head-scratchers have reason to be happy today, as Nintendo has confirmed via its regular Nintendo Direct video podcast that crossover puzzler Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright will finally be coming to the west.

The game finds Professor Layton and assistant Luke transported to the mysterious Labyrinth City by a magical book while trying to help a young girl named Mahoney. Ace attorney Phoenix Wright and companion Maya have also been drawn there by the same strange old book. Trapped in this eerie netherworld, the unlikely quartet learns that Mahoney is accused of witchcraft, so they combine their intellects to set her - and themselves - free.

The game features both Layton style puzzles and Phoenix-friendly trial scenes, and includes full voice acting and charmingly animated cutscenes.

Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney was released in Japan last December, and will reach the UK early in 2014. The translation is being handled by developer Level-5, and anyone who played their previous hits Dragon Quest 9: Sentinel of the Starry Skies and Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, will know that it always does a superb job.

It's unclear at the moment if the western release will also include the generous weekly DLC content, featuring new puzzles and a new twelve part episodic storyline, that Japan enjoyed for six months following the game's release. Here's hoping.

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Release Date: 08/08/2013